Plastic slats

Plastic slats

MIK SWING slat is known for its high quality and strength but also for its design. MIK SWING has designed the slat for the sow to achieve an anti-slip effect.

Farrowing pen - Opening area 29%

Swing 300x600
300x600 mmItem no. 5000148
300x100 mmItem no. 5000147
Swing 500x600
500x600 mmItem no. 5000135
500x100 mmItem no. 5000137
Swing 400x600
400x600 mmItem no. 5000145
400x100 mmItem no. 5000149
Swing Titan 600x600
400x600 mmItem no. 5000111
400x100 mmItem no. 5000151

Farrowing pen - Varying opening area

Swing Soft - Opening area 29%
400x600 mmItem no. 5001145
Swing G - Opening area 0,7%
400x600 mmItem no. 5001146
Swing G 3% - Opening area 3%
400x600 mmItem no. 5000132
Swing G 10% - Opening area 10%
600x800 mmItem no. 5000150
Swing G 5% - Opening area 5%
400x100 mmItem no. 5000133
Titan GR - Opening area 0%
600x800 mmItem no. 5000339
Swing GR - Opening area 0%
400x100 mmItem no.. 5000341
Swing GR - Opening area 0,7%
400x600 mmItem no. 5000142

Plastic slats for weaner unit - Standard slats

Rubin Plastic slats are primarily used in the weaner unit. Ensures fantastic movement safety as well as good comfort. The slat contributes to good hygienic and healthy grow for the piglet.

Farrowing pen - Varying opening area

Rubin all-around rist - Opening area 38%
(Rubin 200x300 has opening area on 35%)
200x300 mmItem no.. 5500091
300x600 mmItem no. 5500105
400x600 mmItem no. 5500104
500x600 mmItem no. 5500103
500x100 mmItem no. 5500138
Rubin G - Drainage effect <10%
400x600 mmItem no. 5500106
Rubin GR - Opening area 0%
400x600 mmItem no. 5500108
500x600 mmItem no. 5500219
Manure plug
Opening: 98x312 mmItem no. 5600129
Bearing for manure plug / Support strip
Length: 400 mmItem no. 5804200
Length: 500 mmItem no. 5804201

Plastic slats for the farrowing pen - Heating

MIK Plastic heating plates for water and electrics. Best Farm has several years of experience in the design of well-functioning farrowing pens, where heat for piglets is an important part.

Farrowing pen - Thermo E & W

Thermo E - w. sensor
400x600 mm55 WItem no. 5400115
Thermo E - w/o sensor
400x600 mm55 WItem no. 54400114
Thermo E XXL - w. sensor
400x1200 mm63 WItem no. 5404951
500x1200 mm73 WItem no. 5404953
600x1200 mm105 WItem no.5404955
Thermo E XXL - w/o sensor
400x1200 mm63 WItem no. 5404950
500x1200 mm73 WItem no. 5404952
600x1200 mm105 WItem no. 5404954
Thermo W
400x600 mm60 WItem no. 5400152
Thermo W XXL
400x1200 mm55 WItem no. 5403990
500x1200 mm63 WItem no. 5403984
600x1200 mm73 WItem no. 5403985
500x1600 mm105 WItem no. 5404970

Plastic slats for the Weaner Unit - Standard slats

MIK Plastic slats for Piglets – wide program for all purposes, as well as new models in extra width and still high quality. The extra width means that fewer bearings must be used, which gives an assembly saving. Best Farm helps you with the design of your weaner unit.

Weaner unit- Slat opening 10 mm

800x600 mmItem no. 5500330
600x600 mmItem no. 5500336
800x100 mmItem no. 5500320
Titan GR
600x800 mmItem no. 5500339
Diamant G
800x400 mmItem no. 5500320
Trapper GR
800x400 mmItem no. 5500318
800x400 mmItem no. 5500316
Smaragd G 3%
800x400 mmItem no. 5500327

End piece of plastic

The end pieces ensure a proper ending and transition to concrete slats. 

End piece, low (length 400 mm)
Item no. 5600191