Always with water in the cup

Pig-LET MultiCup

Pig-LET Multi Cup has all the important functions needed to give the piglet a good start.

Pig-LET MultiCup is delivered with circulation, which is required when using milk.
Circulation also helps to avoid old water.
Pig-LET MultiCup has drip function and therefor the pigs get water quickly. The drip function contributes to quick learning.
The Dropmix-function allows you to quickly connect the Powerdrink, which consists of:
– Iron
– Salt and sugar
– With more

In addition, a drop mix can relate to medication, dialysis for diarrhea, etc.

Makes everyday easier

Opportunities with Pig-LET MultiCup

Connection of
dropmix bag

Circulation of
milk (and water)

The push plate can
be lifted to a standing
position for safe

 Drip nozzle
function (0,5 L
per hour)

without saucer
used for 2-in-1
and All-in-1.

Pig-LET MultiCup comes with

• Plastic cup incl. valves
• Mounting bracket on the side of the cup, which slits up / down
• U-rail as a bracket of 35 cm for protection of hoses and top
• Top end
• 2 pcs. Brackets

Screws and bolts for mounting are not included.

Combine Pig-LET MultiCup with dropmix

Dropmix is a new and easy way to allocate supplements for piglets at pen level. The dropmix bag is a closed unit and the content will therefore be appetizing for a longer period for the piglet.

The content of the Dropmix is dispensed into the cup as the piglet activates the push plate.
A delicius mixture attracts the piglet to drink from the cup.

Multiple ways of mounting

Theres multiple ways of mounting the Pig-LET MultiCup i the farrowing or piglet pen. See the catalog, where all the mounting solutions are presented.