Pig-LET All-in-1

Pig-LET All-in-1

Pig-LET Starter, MultiCup and Dry Feeder in one product 

Pig-LET All-in-1 is a complete solution for piglets more than two days old. The solution is placed in zone 3, which the piglet is already exploring after day 2. 

The station contains among other Pig-LET Starter, which is familiar to the piglet from the first two days in the covered creep area and gives the pig milk from the start. The transition from Pig-LET Starter to Pig-LET All-in-1 is therefore simple and the piglet quickly learns that in the future it can find both liquid and feed here.

 Pig-LET All-in-1 has also implemented our Dry Feeder and the Pig-LET Multicup, which can be connected to the dropmix with e.g., iron or medicine

All-in-1's possibilities: 

Complete feeding station for piglets with four different options. Delivered with 1 pc. polymer trough with cast-in thread for mounting the Multicup and bottle holder. The trough can be adjusted with a slope for individual adaptation to floors with a slope. Possibilities with the Pig-LET All-in-1: 

• Milk in the Pig-LET Starter 

• Dry food in the Dry Feeder 

• Water or milk in the Pig-LET MultiCup 

• Dropmix mixture of e.g. iron or medicine from Pig-LET MultiCup