Press Release from 5th May 2022

Best Farm introduces news that reduce mortality among piglets by up to 50 percent

Danish Best Farm is introducing two world news, that can reduce mortality among piglets by 40-50 %. The release takes place at the Nutrifair in Fredericia on 17-18. May.

The new and patented product Pig-LET Starter test results shows that it helps reduce piglet mortality by 40-50%. Several pig producers have already tested the product with great satisfaction.

-There is great potential of reducing the mortality of piglets that are alive 15 minutes after birth, says Lars Brunse, inventor and director of Best Farm.

A study by SEGES shows that 77 % of the piglets who are squeezed to death has empty stomachs. The results shows that the piglets are hungry and looking for the sow. At the same time, there is a lack of teats in the “restaurant” for all the piglets.

– The pig producers are working hard for the piglets to survive, but it is my experience, from many visits to Danish pig producers, that a better solution is missing, explains Lars Brunse.

Previous products on the market could not be used inside the covered creep area, as the pigs would get dirty and create moisture problems. The milk would also become sour and uninteresting for the piglet. Therefore, Best Farm introduces a solution that works inside the covered creep area. It is important to give the piglets liquid/milk as a supplement to the sow’s milk. But the supplement should be served where the piglets are.

Pig-LET Starter

Pig-LET Starter is a bottle with a small through, which is installed inside the covered creep area,. The bottle is turned upside down, so a small amount of the milk is dosed at a time. The through is designed in a way, that the piglets can easily eat from it, without making a mess.

Pig-LET Starter provides a fluid- and nutrient supplement. The milk from Pig-LET Starter gives the piglets more strength and energy, which increases the chance of survival.

Pig-LET Starter provides an important fluid and nutrient supplement - without the mess.
Pig-LET Starter is easy installed in the covered creep area.

– Several farmers have tested our new product, with positive response. Our tests show that a team of piglets could easily eat a whole litre of milk on day zero. This clearly shows that the piglets are hungry, says Lars Brunse.

Pig-LET Starter is available in several models, such as Pig-LET 2-in-1 with both bottle and drinking bowl, as well as ALL-in-1 with bottle, drinking bowl and dry food. Therefore, the restaurant is open from day 0 until the piglet leaves the cave.

Pig-LET is the name of the series because it is easy to clean, adapted to daily work and can reduce the workload. The product is patented.

Pig-LET MultiCup

Pig-LET MultiCup is a new and patented drinking bowl for both the farrowing pen and weaner unit. It is equipped with several valves, which makes it possible to offer the pigs several solutions from the same cup. The cup can run with both circulating milk and water.

As something new, the cup is also providing the option of water drip, unlike most other drinking bowls. Therefore, the built-in solution ensures the piglets water from day one. The drip system ensures constant water in the cup. After a few days the piglets have learned to use the cup, after which the drip system can be switched off. Pig-LET MultiCup can be switched on / off either by a timer or manually.

A final and significant news is the connection of a drop bag to the Pig-LET MultiCup, so that the piglet can absorb iron, salt or sugar along with the water. Alternatively, the farmer can choose to use only the content of the drop bag.

– This solution with the Dropmix bag is 100% hygienic, and gives the desired mix along with the water, at pen level, says Lars Brunse and continues:

– The solution eases the cleaning, easy to start up in all pens, and the pigs only have one restaurant – one place to eat, to relate to.

Pig-LET MultiCup solves the challenges with correct dosage and hygiene in connection with traditional round bowls.

– I think we have some new innovative solutions which greatly increases the piglets’ chances of survival, and which solve much of the everyday hassle and remove workloads. And finally: we create better productivity, sums up Lars Brunse and concludes:

– Our mantra is, if a new-born piglet breathes, then it can survive.

Piglets drinking from the Pig-LET MultiCup.
Pig-LET MultiCup is a drinking bowl for the piglets, where milk / water can be dosed, with the possibility oof connecting a drop bag.

About Best Farm

Best Farm A / S’s mission is to reduce mortality among piglets, with innovative solutions for the farrowing pen, which are designed to give the piglet nourishment and warmth from day 0.

Best Farm is owned by founder and director Lars Brunse, as well as the IBF Group.


Lars Brunse, partner and CEO of Best Farm A / S

Phone: 44 18 22 44